September 2014 Blog

Outfit Styling and Accessories

29th September 2014

After an amazing weekend away it's back to the Monday grindstone. Although it's not generally a favourite day of the week for anyone, at Darcey we are full of excitement as we are on the final countdown to our yearly Charity Fashion Show, with Wellbeing of Women, on the 9th October. All of the possible outfits and accessories are strewn…

Wellbeing of Women and Darcey Charity Fashion Show

18th September 2014

Wellbeing of Women is the charity dedicated to improving the health of women and babies across the UK. Every year they invest in special research projects and allocate funds towards the training of specialist doctors and midwives. Established in 1964 they have enabled the major breakthrough's in obstetrics and gynaecology. At Darcey, it's important for us to feel part of the…

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