Cosy up in Cocoa Cashmere

26th October 2015


Sumptuously soft and incredibly chic - cashmere garments are such a treat an investment, quality cashmere is sure to last year after year – keeping its shape better than other woolen jumpers….it can also be cashmere can be up to eight times warmer than sheep’s wool despite its light weight.

Why is cashmere such a luxury?

As with most luxury items it’s the quality, costly production & scarcity that make cashmere such a luxury. Created from the soft undercoat of goats bred to produce the wool. Taking two or more goats to make one two-ply jumper.


Darcey’s advice when choosing cashmere:

  • Cashmere should bounce back from your touch – not wrinkle or pill
  • Quality cashmere should conform to your figure
  • Find a 2 ply cashmere, the best way to test this is to put your hand under the cashmere – if you can see you hand clearly through it, it’s likely to be 1 ply
  • You want a timeless garment so take your time and try on different styles and colour variations

Darcey Sussex Boutiques Cocoa Cashmere ribbed asymetric jumper ash grey 2

Darcey adore Cocoa Cashmere, a perfect example is their beautiful asymmetric ribbed jumper.  This cashmere brand effortlessly captures the luxury of the best quality cashmere available in contemporary styles.  Their garments are produced by directly sourcing the cashmere and harvested by hand from the Inner Mongolian grasslands.

Darcey Sussex Boutiques Cocoa Cashmere fine rib light grey cardigan 2

For a true treat…or dare we say fabulous Christmas gift (perhaps for yourself!?) Cocoa Cashmere’s fine ribbed & exquisitely made 100% cashmere cardigan will keep you so cosy and stylish year to year. Featuring long sleeves, clip button fastening & edge to edge detailing. Styled here with our In Town grey cords.

Darcey Sussex Boutiques Cocoa Cashmere trapeze v neck jumper ash grey 2

Cosy up in Coca Cashmere, our trapeze neck jumper in Ash grey is the perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe. Featuring long sleeves, v neck and high front low back detailing. So versatile, style with jeans, leggings or our In Town black cord leggings for elegant day or evening outfits.

Lastly hand wash your chosen garment/s with care, and as a little tip make sure to give them one last wash before storing for the summer – a tiny bit of dirt can attract the moths…but mostly enjoy your luxury purchase!

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