All spick & span at Darcey - Spring cleaning tips

29th March 2016

2012-orig-spring-cleaning-broom-600x411 Spring cleaning tips from Darcey Sussex Boutiques

It's that time of year when the sun finally makes an appearance, it streams gloriously through the windows only to remind you that they are in desperate need of a clean or the house feels dusty and in need of an airing. But do not despair, our Spring cleaning tips will make you feel like you love your home again.

SpringCleaning8 Get your dusters ready!

Choose a morning when there are no distractions, tackle a room at a time and work from the top down; brush the cobwebs from the ceiling, check for dust everywhere, move the furniture and see what horrors lie beneath, wash away all dirty marks and tackle those windows. Finally, give the room a thorough vacuum and then admire your work.

Sometimes a few good cleaning products or a new duster will make life easier and where better to look for a comprehensive range of products than Lakeland:  They have branches everywhere, including Brighton, Eastbourne,  and Tunbridge Wells . Not to be forgotten are the more local branches of  Steamer Trading in Heathfield and Lewes - they  have a goodLOGO-wide range of cleaning equipment as well as all their glorious cooking equipment, and their radiator brushes for the real cleaning enthusiasts are a must!

book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying-Up, by Marie Kondo

Another way to improve your home is to get rid of all your clutter. An inspirational read on the subject is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. It's an easy read that helps you keep only the objects and things you really love and need and teaches you how to store and care for your possessions so you need never be untidy again!  The advice on how to organise your wardrobe and drawers is particularly interesting, the aim being to open a drawer or wardrobe door and see all your clothes at once. Marie suggests that being honest and clearing out the clothes you know are not right for you helps you make better decisions about the clothes you buy in the future.

Braintree launch Darcey's Braintree Launch

When the house is looking fabulous, clean tidy and clutter free, it's time to give yourself a break. Come and visit your local branch of Darcey and see what’s new this week. In Lewes we are launching a new range of clothing from Braintree. A super little company who’s motto is ‘thoughtful clothing.’ Their clothes are made from organic fibres and fabrics such as cotton hemp and bamboo.  We hope to see you in the Lewes boutique for the launch on Thursday 7th April 2016, 9.30am - 5.30pm.  To celebrate the arrival of Braintree you will get 15% off all Braintree purchases on the day, a free glass of fizz, Braintree goodies with each purchase & a chance to win a £125 Braintree outfit.

Do come and tell us  how you get on with the tidying, we hope our Spring cleaning tips assist you, it's good to swap hints and tips ready for the next time, but hopefully we can have a little break from the chores and think about ourselves and enjoy the Spring sunshine too.

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