April 2016 Blog

What to do May bank holiday in Sussex

25th April 2016

Who doesn't love May with summer on its way and 2 bank holiday weekends to spoil us! Maypole Dancing Traditionally, as we know, the 1st bank holiday Monday in May is known as “May Day” with many of our picturesque towns and villages across the Country, and indeed in Sussex holding celebrations traditionally rejoicing in spring fertility, to include Morris dancing, danc…

Darcey’s makeup tips for the over 40’s

11th April 2016

Darcey's makeup tips for the over 40's - get your makeup bag ready! We all get those days when we wake up look in the mirror and seem to have aged 5 years over night- ahhh! Now we know prevention is key, healthy lifestyle,  get a good night’s sleep, cleanse, moisturise and drink plenty of water  etc etc…,  but some days a…

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