Halloween in Sussex, places to go & pumpkins to carve

16th October 2016

Halloween in England seems to grow in popularity year on year, let us give you inspiration of places to go in Sussex, what to wear and our top pumpkin carving tips.

Places to go
Drusillas, Nr Alfriston, East Sussex

There are lots of spooky surprises to keep you little ones entertained this half term at Drusillas, with wandering mummies, trap doors and shrieking witches galore. Shriek Week runs from Saturday 22nd to Sunday 30th October.

Batemans Nature Trail, Burwash, East Sussex

batemans Batemans Halloween Nature Trail, Burwash

On 21-31st October, 11am – 5pm, visit Batemans Nature Trail, wear your Halloween costume on this spooky trail as you encounter some scary delights!

Redoubt Fortress, Eastbourne, East Sussex

Are you brave enough to watch a screening of the 1982 film “The Thing” in this creepy pop up cinema? The film screening will be on Monday 31st October in the creepy Redoubt Fortress.

Tulleys Farm, Crawley, West Sussex

tulleys_halloween_og Tulleys Farm, Crawley, Shocktoberfest

One for the adults (rates 12a but Children of 15 & under must be accompanied by adults), is the renowned Tulleys Farm Shocktoberfest. Since 2008, Shocktober Fest has repeatedly won the title of the UK's No.1 Halloween Attraction. Full of impressive special effects, scary surprised, and talented actors, haunts include a creepy cottage, haunted house and much more!

What to wear

intown-164802-6067-black-and-grey-textured-coat-5 In Town Wool Coat in Dark Iron Grey

But wrap up warm, our Autumn Winter In Town collection is in store and online, this Danish fashion brand offers style that can be dressed up or down, our In Town Trousers are always

intown-jeans-164114-laura-narrow-burgundy-jean-2 In Town Laura Narrow Magic Trousers in Bordeaux Burgundy

sought after offering a slimming fit and great quality at a reasonable price point.

Add a pop of colour to your winter wardrobe with the In Town Laura trousers in burgundy, style with the In Town dark iron wool coat, with stylish cowl collar, and fully lined to keep you warm whilst enjoying outdoor spookiness, both garments will be a pleasure to wear this season.

Pumpkins to Carve

pinnaple-jack-o-lantern Pineapple Jack O Lantern

Your indoor scary décor would not be complete without a carved pumpkin (although we like the idea of pumpkins too, their scary hair and texture offer a nice variation), our tops tips are:

  • Choose a pumpkin with an even colour all around, knock on it and if you hear a hollow sound it is ripe
  • If you want it to last for Halloween, buy it a week or less beforehand.
  • Draft your design with a permanent marker on the pumpkin, this is a good opportunity for the children to help (before any sharp implements get involved)
  • Now for the best knife, a serrated bread knife will do nicely or you could invest in an actual pumpkin carving knife.
  • Cut out your lid, for a touch of something different you could do a star, square or triangle lid rather than a circle…
  • Remove the filling from the pumpkin (keep if you are planning on soup!) level the bottom of the pumpkin if required
  • Now gently carve out your design, ensuring the holes are big enough to allow enough air in for a candle, alternatively some people now use led lights instead of tea lights.
  • If you carve it early, keep it in a bucket of water to keep the moisture in & make it last longer.

    bat-pumpkin Happy Halloween from Darcey Sussex Boutiques

Wishing you a Happy Halloween from us all at Darcey Sussex Boutiques.

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